“Stress can kill; time is irreplaceable.”

Life taught me this lesson at the age of 17 when my father suddenly passed away.

Pat Butler was a brilliant and passionate man – the kind of guy who bet on himself, and always won.

In the months leading up to tragedy, he invested every last penny into a new business.

It worked; revenue soared above projected earnings. With a fourth child on the way, there was no better time to achieve entrepreneurial success.

The day we returned from our annual father-son fishing trip, he took his bicycle out for a ride. He promised to take me to the movies later that night to see Matthew McConaughey’s U-571. Life was good.

But Dad never returned. He died of lethal arrhythmia while cycling.

Shock and grief became despair and destitution when we realized that our financial planner hadn’t done his job.

During the week my father launched the company, his planner assured us that there would be no gap in life insurance coverage during the transition from salaried employee to self-employed businessman.

He was wrong; no plan was in effect. Hours after the prior insurance policy lapsed, Dad hit the bike trail one final time.

No one intended ill will, but life didn’t care. This time, my father lost – and his wife and children suffered every single consequence alone.

As you can imagine, this event left me far more enraged and restless than your average 17 year old.

Fortunately, time, experience, and the wisdom of mentors converted anger to drive. This drive required me to shift careers focus from the patient to the clinician, from physiology to finance.

Now, I serve as a Financial Advisor for healthcare providers, small business owners, and their families.

To compliment my knowledge transition, I leverage the expertise of a team of Northwestern Mutual professionals to deliver a high level of service.

Over 10 years ago, my father lost everything, and so did we. Now, every appointment I take with a new potential client is a chance at redemption – to protect one more family, one more business, from life’s uncertainties.

Contact me to learn more about my professional transition from Doctorate of Physical Therapy to Financial Advisor.

Will Butler, DPT

Financial Advisor


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